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Getting Started

How much money do I need to start?
You don’t need any specific amount or minimum to start. Obviously the more you begin with, the increased potential earnings faster. But I always recommend to start with what you are comfortable with.
Do I need to have any betting experience?
No, with the service you are told what to bet, how much to place, and which bookmaker has the best price. You will get used to navigating the apps or website, but you technically don’t even need to understand the bet itself, or the sports at all.
What’s a bankroll?
A bankroll is a committed amount (that you can afford) you have chosen to put into your betting balance. This is your total ‘betting bank’ which we look to build through good results over time.
What is a betting unit?
A unit is an identifier to tell people how much to bet. We cannot tell people how much $$ to bet as everyone has different financial positions.
Eg. $100 may be too much for one person, whereas it may be too little for another.
Therefore we use units to indicate to members how much to bet.
It can be seen as a confidence indicator.
How many units should I have in my bankroll?
I recommend a minimum of 75 units in your bankroll to follow my program. This is to minimise risk, in turn maximising potential gains. An example of this is:
$750 Bankroll.. / 75 units = $10 unit size.
Therefore, if you receive a tip that says ‘stake: 2 units’ you would place $20 in accordance with your bankroll.
How do I create a betting account?
Through bookmaking apps, you may have heard of popular bookmakers such as Sportsbet and Bet365. You simply create an account on their website or applications and go from there.
Do I need multiple betting accounts?
When delivering tips, we hunt the best odds and markets across the major bookmakers. If you want to get the absolute maximum from the service it is preferred you have multiple accounts. However not essential.
Can I move money between my betting accounts?
Bookmakers directly withdraw to your bank account. To change from one account to another you would withdraw back to your bank, and then deposit into another betting account/bookmaker from your bank.
How long does it take to withdraw my money from a betting account?
It can vary, best to check bookmaker websites. Usually around 2-4 working days.
Are betting accounts secure?
All accounts/bookmakers we quote from are secure.
Which Bet with Joel package would suit my bankroll?
0-$500 = Bronze/Silver
$500-$1500 = Silver
$1500-$3000 = Gold
$3000+ = Black

Betting with Joel

How do I receive my tips?
Members receive all tips via email, to the email address they provided upon signup.
Do I receive tips every day?
Your package and current sporting events will determine how often you receive tips. You will always get the tips promised in your package per week, how they are distributed in frequency will vary over the calendar year.
I have not received any tips who can I contact?
Log into your account, ensure your email address is correct. Bronze and Silver receive picks less frequently during the week. If no tips have been received after 3-4 days make contact via @betwithjoel social pages or through the contact form on the website.
Should I bet on all the tips I receive?
We recommend yes, that’s why we send you them. However it is not essential to success.
Do I still place my bet if the odds are different to the recommended tip?
If odds have changed, or the line of a bet has changed, use due care. If minor, still take the selection for a lesser unit amount. If major, consider leaving the play as there will always be more bets. There is never a need to force a pick.
I can’t find the suggested tip what should I do?
Go back & check you have gone through all the steps to find. The tips are all sent in an easy to follow format. Occasionally (although rare) markets can be taken down, or perhaps if you got the email late the event has started.
I just realised I placed my bet wrong, can I change it?
Take care when placing your bets with bookmakers, as they often do not let you change any bets. You can attempt to call the bookmaker and advise them you made a mistake. It’s unlikely that they will decide to be of any help to you.
The betting site voided my bet why did this happen?
Bets can void if the player or selection did not play. Or there was a change in that particular market that makes the market a ‘no-bet’. A void will refund your stake ($) back to your balance.
How does betting with Joel pick so many winning tips?
Joel puts in more time into the sports that he advises for than you would believe. It is his full-time (and more) job and has been for a long time. He understands odds and how to price markets better than bookmakers in his chosen sports. This is why he will always continue to beat the bookies, long term.
What return can I expect betting with Joel?
This return varies from package to package, month to month. Have a look at the graphs in the various packages, and begin to calculate what your unit size would be X by the units profit for that membership. That is how much you could have earned over that period being a member. Past performance does not guarantee future performance.

Package Members

I’m doing great, can I share my tips with friends?
It is strictly in the terms and conditions that membership costs are at the prices they are for 1 user. “I ask my members as I do the right thing by you guys in delivering winners – you support my business and tell your friend to jump on board. That’s how this business succeeds, and what helps me make your experience even better. By continuing to add new features, sports and events for Members”. The distribution of private information is illegal.
Do I get a bonus if I introduce someone to bet with Joel?
You can apply to be a partner of Bet With Joel if you believe you have a crowd whom you can introduce to the service – see our ‘partners’ page to find out more. If you refer a friend let us know on our social pages – you never know! We do appreciate our members referring friends.
How often do I receive my profit & loss report?
Black & Gold Members receive this report monthly.
When are my membership fees charged to my credit card?
Membership fees are charged weekly, from the date you subscribed to the service.
How do I change my package?
To change your package log into your account (top right of the webpage). You can manage your account in there. Including changing your package or cancelling your subscription. You can also manage cards here if one has expired and needs updating.

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