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Fitting Your Package to your Bankroll

The best fit package depends on your level of investment in the game. It’s logical that these co-exist, the larger your total betting bank, the larger your bet size = the smaller significance the weekly fee is in relation to your bankroll.

Here are the steps in deciding the best package for you:

1. Allocate a starting ‘betting bankroll’
The idea of the bankroll is deposit once. This is your total committed investment amount. You can of course add or withdraw funds from your bankroll at any time, but your bet size and your package should always relate directly back to your total betting bankroll.


2. Pick the package that fits your decided Bankroll

This is our recommended guide, you can be more aggressive or conservative based on your own strategy. 


3. Move through the ranks.
As your bankroll grows over time, and into new brackets you can upgrade easily through the account section of the app or website (where you signed up). The higher the tiered package, the better historic returns, indicating more substantial growth per week.

This is a guide, being comfortable in your position is most important when deciding which package to start with at Bet With Joel. We play the long game – consistency and longevity is key to success. I’m only winning if you’re winning.


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